1. Raw material is received from the supplier along with test certificate of chemical composition & mechanical properties.
  2. Raw material is sent to the processing department. Processing department includes
    1. Heading Machine : After checking the diameter of the wire, production supervisor allows the heading machine operator to load wire on machine.
    2. 1st Off Inspection : After the machine is set for the required products 5 pieces are checked and are being approved by the supervisor.
    3. Inprocess Inspection : Machine is set for production after the approval of 1st off inspection. The operator with the measuring instrument does inprocess inspection of the product at regular intervals.
  3. 1st Off Inspection and Inprocess Inspection methods are used on all production process.
    1. Heading process (cold forge)
    2. Slotting process
    3. Threading process (roll thread)
  4. Heat treatment process is to ensure core and case hardness of the product through established cycle. Inspection is carried out in every batch for hardness.
    1. Plating : Plating quality and thickness is maintained through proper plating cycle.
    2. Final inspection : After all the operations are completed and before the product is send for packing, random checking is done to confirm quality of the product. Following checking is carried out for final inspection. a) Dimensional checks (digital calliper, micrometre & gauges) b) Visual checks
    3. Packing : After the final inspection the material is send to packing department each item is labelled and mentioned with specific sizes / drawing no. total weights and number of pieces per packet material is packed in plastics bags or as instructed by the clients.

Third party inspection if needed can be done on request.

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